From the Savino Sisters Mystery Series Regrets To Die For
...she left her widowed mother in Pont Canavese and immigrated to America after the Second World War. Why she left is a mystery Ellen and Margo are determined to resolve, if only for themselves. Could it the horrific murder of the father Clarita adored? Or the questionable suicide of Clarita’s young friend and later the drowning of the boy’s grieving father? Or, her ill-fated teenage romance with a Resistance fighter that triggered this series of tragic events?

Fans of Italian-America sagas should enjoy this novel, as contemporary as it is historical, and featuring several characters from Loretta Giacoletto’s saga, Family Deceptions.
Family Deceptions
...subside.  Instead, he sails to America with hopes of acquiring enough money to buy his family forgiveness.  The new life Pietro builds—one based on gambling, extortion, bootlegging, and bigamy – seduces him to stay.  Meanwhile in Italy Isabella adjusts to life without Pietro, using deceit to safeguard her family and later to aid WWII partisans who eventually regard the son a hero and the daughter a Nazi collaborator.  Twenty-nine years will pass before Pietro returns as a wealthy man, along with an American son who is determined to befriend the family his father deserted.  But first, Pietro must redeem himself to Isabella, to their children, and to the elderly neighbor he betrayed, a man whose own deceptions have made him patriarch to Pietro’s family.
Chicago's Headmistress
characters.  In the words of Ugo Sapone:

“Never did I think I’d find myself involved in forward-thinking education.  Never did I think I’d find myself involved in an illegal activity that has given so many people such joy.  Yet, here I am, right hand man to Giulietta Bracca.”

Follow Giulietta Bracca’s notorious rise to wealth and power, from street urchin in 1905 Genoa, Italy, to the headmistress of Night School, Prohibition Chicago’s most popular and innovative men’s club in the 1920s.  Along the way Giulietta plays a deadly game of one-upmanship with men who use her, abuse her, and fall head-over-heels in love with her.  This quick-study seductress soon learns to give as good as she gets with only a few regrets—those so devastating they will haunt her into eternity.  But there’s one man Giulietta will never forget:  the immigrant bootlegger she gave up too soon and will stop at nothing to lure him back, even if it means jeopardizing all she holds dear.
The Family Angel
comes to Carlo’s rescue when he’s trapped in a house fire.  For the next fifty years Carlo and his family will experience hardship, tragedy, rewards, and the ambiguous honor of having two priests in the family before the angel returns, this time to hassle Carlo’s grandson Father Frank, whose controversial ambition has evolved into Vatican intrigue with deadly consequences.
Lethal Play
his dad.  Francesca’s deal with Meredith quickly sources when he abuses her and undermines her son’s confidence.
When Meredith’s battered body is found hanging from the crossbar of a goalpost, Francesca becomes a prime suspect, along with others in the soccer community Meredith had exploited.  The details of his death create a scandal, but Francesca knows more than the investigators uncover and to protect her family she must do whatever it takes to keep the whole truth her secret.
From the Savino Sisters Mystery Series
Italy To Die For
Lorenzo, a mysterious widow, to escort her around Cinque Terre, five picturesque fishing villages clinging to cliffs on the Ligurian Sea.  Ellen is determined to experience the local culture but soon encounters intrigue and danger in Monterosso el Mare where gypsies are turning up dead faster than Lorenzo can show her the sights.  And then Margo arrives from Florence.
Free Danner
everybody’s out to screw him, which is probably an accurate assessment.  So what’s a guy supposed to do?  The right thing, whatever Danner decides that is.
A Collection
of Givers and Takers
... their place in America and WWII GIs struggled to stay alive.  Some horror, subtle and not so subtle.
... retirement years.  She wants to travel; he wants to open a mom and pop fishing resort in Missouri’s Ozarks.
“We’ll call it Sal’s hideaway, a quality retreat for the sports-minded,” Sal tells Rose.  “I’ll be the fishing and hunting guide.  You can do the cleaning and cooking.  After we get settled, I’ll teach the finer techniques of pie making.  You can start a little side business to support those extras you’re always wanting.”
“Stop it, Sal.  You’re killing me.”
“More like giving you a reason to live.  Think second careers for both of us.  Ain’t we always been good at making a living?  Although I sometimes wonder where all the money went.”
Surely there must be a way to work this out.  After all, isn’t that what marriage is about—the art of compromise?
"The Baker's Wife"
... to a lovely pensione in Florence.  There, a clever artist agrees to depict the Dragos not as they look now but how they appeared in their prim.  Warning:  it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.